Dan Watt

Digital Strategy Director

Thanks to Dan and his team, our clients know where to invest their first and last digital pound.

He leads a group of Data Analysts, Data Planners and Digital Marketeers to glean customer insights and devise digital marketing strategies that resonate with consumers.

He enables clients to understand more about their customers through data analysis, and combines pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimisation (SEO), content, social media and display advertising to deliver campaigns that meet objectives and generate profitable returns.

Dan was an Account Strategist at Google. He planned, implemented and delivered digital media strategies across the Google product range for brands including John Lewis, eBay, ASOS and Amazon.

Following Google, Dan joined Alchemy Social, managing their social campaigns, ad management software and client services team; working with Vodafone, Diesel and Omnicom Group along the way.

Music is big in Dan's life. He’s had a number of stints in “pretty awful” (his words) punk bands. And he supports Sunderland when the cricket isn’t on.