Uni SEO league table

Who's higher in higher education?

The removal of the student numbers cap. Increased course fees. These are just two factors behind a more competitive university battleground.

It’s no surprise that levels of marketing expenditure are soaring in the HE sector. Given this, we wanted to find out how well universities are stepping up to engage digital natives - their core recruitment targets.

Our report, ‘Universities Challenged’, examines the search engine optimisation (SEO) performance of universities that have appeared in the Complete University Guide’s (CUG) rankings for 2016 and 2017. It compares our digital rankings against CUG rankings to explore which universities have gone ‘digital native’ and which have not.

The results are surprising. The digital top ten features only three universities ranked in CUG’s top ten. Of the other seven in the digital top ten, six universities have seen their CUG ranking rise. Three universities out of the bottom ranked digital five institutions have seen their CUG ranking decline. So this matters.

In addition to this report, we have also prepared individual, more detailed reports for each university. These also include a score for visual design based upon the initial impact that each university’s home page had on three 18-year-old students. Given that digital natives know their choices will be viewed by their peers, having a design that says ‘a choice that enhances my profile’ is important.

Download our ‘Universities Challenged’ report here.

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Alan Thorpe