Turning the ordinary on its head

Here at Bray Leino CX we love a good night out, and when inspiring talks from industry creatives are thrown into the mix? Even better.

So, naturally, we jumped at the chance to nab tickets for Thread’s latest event at The Station. Last Thursday night we heard from Emily Forgot, Kyle Bean and Lord Whitney and came away with a fresh perspective and some pretty cool new ideas.

Emily Forgot talked about taking time off, which is something we can get on board with. Taking time off allows our creative juices to rest and, in turn, flow again without frustration or defeat.

Learning how to look sideways and not always focusing on the thing you’re supposed to be working on is an extension of this lesson; a new angle is like inheriting a second pair of eyes to see what you’ve created.

Inexperience is an asset – own it!

Escape your own algorithms.

Kyle Bean talked about his use of a familiar medium in an unexpected way.

Lord Whitney emphasised the importance of YES. In this industry you must be a YES person.

A shift in perspective is an often overlooked but valuable process for us as human beings but also creative types. And, while it’s so easy to sit comfortably in our everyday bubble, it is talks like these that make us question the ordinary and, in turn, produce great creative for our clients. So, what did we take away from the event?

Amy, Designer – keep trying. Failure is good. Believe in yourself.

Becky, Traffic Manager – You don’t have to be conventional to make something of yourself.

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Naomi Wilson