The value of Client Services

“Why on earth would I want to pay for management?”

A question we hear more and more within the world of the Account Manager-slash-Client Partner-slash-Client Strategy Director 😉

Yes, we all know that times are tough for clients. Every penny has to work doubly hard. ROI is EVERYTHING. So how do we, as the client-facing frontline, make sure that we’re seen to add real value, rather than being viewed as an unwelcome line item, a superfluous forwarder of emails? (BTW, the presence of a Planner is no excuse for receding to the comfort of a timeline.)


By doing our research. By spending time with clients. By having opinions and being willing (and brave enough) to share them. Personally, I’m a fan of child-like questions that demonstrate a curiosity for understanding and solving challenges. Clients want Account Handlers who are informed, opinionated and contribute to driving their businesses forward.

In the words of Jurassic 5, ‘Yo, either part of the problem, or part of the solution’.

True that 👊


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Matt Thomas