Panoptic Personas

to inform personalised digital experiences

Panoptic Personas allow organisations to gain competitive advantage from the fundamental role that search and CX play within B2B and B2C purchase choices. Our unique approach uses search analytics – yours and your competitors – as bedrock upon which to build accurate customer personas.

As Podium noted, ‘Traditional marketing is an excellent way to create awareness about your brand, but when it comes down to it, if people want to find your business, they go to a search engine or the maps app on their phone’.

Insights from Panoptic Personas enable clients to deliver personalised and simple to use experiences – the basis of being a ‘Genius Digital brand’ say Gartner research player, L2inc.


Here you can download the product sheet, including costs and client references and here is a top level example of the output data that you will receive. 

If you'd like to chat further about how you can use Panoptic Personas please do get in touch.