Launching NMiTE

UK’s first Greenfield University for 40 years

We’re thrilled to have been appointed to deliver social media strategy, campaigns and content for the boldest, most radical start up in higher education likely anywhere in the world.

Based in Hereford, this new university (working title ‘New Model in Technology and Engineering – NMiTE) will deliver 21st century engineers – catalysts for innovation and change. With a radically new approach to learning where lectures are replaced by sprint based, hands-on, real world projects set by employers themselves, NMiTE will produce a generation of emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs, innovators, employees and leaders for the future.

These engineers will fill a crucial role in the continued success of UK plc:

  • Currently the average age of engineers in industry is 57
  • The UK currently produces 60,000 engineering graduates a year – a shortfall of 40,000 every year
  • Only 9% of the UK engineering workforce is female, the lowest proportion in Europe
  • 62% of engineering graduates ‘don’t have the right skills for today’s workplace’ according to engineering employers.

Subject to appropriate validation, the University of Warwick will be invited to co-award NMiTE’s undergraduate engineering degree.

Founding President & CEO, Prof Janusz Kozinski said ‘We have appointed Bray Leino CX because of their proven ability to apply their understanding of Generation Z communication and experience expectations to Higher Education marketing.’

Launching a new university is a terrific assignment - especially one that is backed by a highly motivated leadership team, that solves a genuine UK workforce problem and is to be located in a beautiful city. We look forward to working alongside Janusz to deliver the success that we all desire.