How technology is innovating peer-to-peer car sharing

Below, the company outline how they have utilised technology and changing cultural attitudes to develop a hassle-free service.

Human beings are complex creatures, but when it comes down to it we almost always favour the easier, less complex route. So, it’s not surprising that developments in technology, and the propagation of smartphones and social networking sites, continue to further the success of innovations changing our attitudes towards the sharing economy.

This evolution and cultural shift continues to fuel the sharing economy as a whole, but if we home in on one aspect in particular: peer-to-peer car sharing, it’s clear to see just how much influence technology has on its success.

Peer-to-peer car sharing company hiyacar is a shared-use mobility service that is focused on transportation resource sharing. The continued complex development of its technology, such as customer apps, keyless access systems and its extensive fleet management tools that track individual vehicles makes it easier than ever to find an available car to share, that is both nearby and hassle-free to collect.

Rewind to the 1940s when a pre-digital version of car sharing was introduced, it really wasn’t until the noughties and the success of technological advancements such as smartphones and frictionless digital transactions that peer-to-peer car sharing took off. Offering users many advantages over the traditional business-to-consumer model, with a more extensive range of vehicles on offer being readily available in more remote areas. Having access to a dispersed fleet of vehicles available for hire is highly advantageous over a more centralised traditional way of renting a car. Hankering after a convertible roadster in this lush summer weather? No problem! 

Even bigger change in this concept’s evolution will come when all car manufacturers allow these peer-to-peer car sharing companies access to the necessary hardware that is already in the car, negating the need for individual third-party systems.

It is evident that technology is evolving at a rapid rate and the next big step, of course, is for those available vehicles to drive themselves to pick passengers up. How far we are off of this level of autonomy is the real question…

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