Breaking down a week of agency work experience

It turns out, the big Park Street bike climb was well worth it…

Day 1: Monday

Bearing in mind that I’ve never had any experience in work, even in an office, my first day was one full of pleasant surprises. 

As I cycled my way up the almost vertical Park Street with Jim, one of the creative team, I have to admit to feeling pretty nervous. This, however, turned out to be just a sort of teenage anxiety as, during my tour around the office, I was greeted by many friendly faces and introduced formally to many of the Bray Leino CX team. 

The wonderful Sammi had sorted out a schedule for the week, so I wasn’t walking around aimlessly the whole time. Here are a few highlights. 

Lunchtime: Table Tennis with the agency’s elite players – Martin, Gareth and Jim. A few games then back to work. 

Afternoon: A meeting with the Bray Leino CX Traffic & Production Manager, Matt, who gave me an introduction into his world, what he does and what the agency as a whole does. 

Day 2: Tuesday

After another gruelling cycle up Park Street, I spent the morning with the back–end coders, Will and Luke. They effortlessly set up a fresh Mac and downloaded some software for me to get stuck into. Unfortunately, even though that it is what I’m meant to be good at, I found myself having a few issues with some very basic Python and HTML. Cue Will and Luke. Problems solved.  

10:30am: A meeting with Dan Watt, Data and Digital Director. Dan’s in charge of the PPC and SEO teams. These teams help clients with paid and organic advertisement (in other words, making their websites more prevalent). 

Lunch: More table tennis. I’m getting better. 

Afternoon: A meeting with Christopher Malt, one of the Senior Creatives. Christopher gave me an idea of what the creative team does and how they do it, plus some examples, such as their amazing work for Bath Spa University.

Day 3: Wednesday

Park Street again. Solo this time.   

9:30am: A Client Services update meeting. Okay, sounds a bit dull but… it was fascinating to see and hear about all the current client activity and how the important agency-client relationships work. Then it was back to my coding. 

3pm: A meeting with Jack Ewing. Jack’s a Client Manager. He talked me through the client teams and, more broadly, the career opportunities open to you in client service. Again, there’s more to it than I thought! 

Day 4: Thursday

More early morning Park Street trauma – how do people do this every day?!  

I met with the big cheese, the MD, Alan. This was fascinating. Alan spoke about the digital market and how advertising online can have huge effects. He also showed me a great YouTube channel (It’s called L2inc Check it out!) 

Lunch: Went to a lovely little place called Chilli Daddies and almost died from overexposure to spice. 

Thursday PM: I met with Shelley, the Marketing Manager, who basically gets Bray Leino CX’s name out there and helps the agency to develop new client relationships. Very important. I also helped out by typing out some notes from a workshop into a Word document. Every little helps, right? 

Day 5: Friday

The Final Big Park Street Climb. Phew! And whoah, what a week! I would like to say thanks to the entire Bray Leino CX team for being so welcoming, looking after me and also for making work experience extremely enjoyable and beneficial!

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Ed Lewis