FS marketing - with a difference

Financial Services messaging can still get stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to marketing products and services – which is understandable when all the products on offer are very similar. It’s hard to differentiate.

However, The Family Building Society (FBS) offers diverse products and therefore they wanted to move away from traditional FS wording and imagery and do something a little different – something that would really standout with the intermediaries.

FBS provides non-standard products. For example, mortgages secured by parents, Later Life Lending and Buy to Let off-set mortgages. FBS thinks differently.

We developed a tongue-in-cheek campaign that promotes the benefits of some of the products on offer.

Less B.S. more FBS.

It’s about the people, not the process. FBS says ‘No’ to traditional financial service wording and jargon. ‘No’ to putting people in traditional financial services boxes. Instead, FBS challenges the conventional, cuts through the clichés. FBS says a hearty ‘YES!’ to being different and personal and real.

We love working on campaigns with this forward-thinking company and being able to get our creative juices flowing!



Post by

Lisa Ballam