Digital and social in China

Tan Kay Kin, our Shanghai based CEO Greater China, has consolidated his team’s expertise into an insight strewn guide that maps out successful digital and social marketing in China.

Why not download and keep this handy guide..

Kay Kin covers the must-know topics that tot-up to capturing some Yuan, including:

- How Google is no-go; Baidu is the way to go.
- The necessity of hosting from within China in order not to be blocked.
- The fundamental role that search plays (the Chinese rarely type in a domain name).
- How red, a warning in the West, is desirable in China.
- How choosing the right font is the difference between success and failure.
- Why WeChat is, increasingly, THE channel for pretty much everything.

Please do get in-touch if you’d like to be introduced to Kay Kin and his team. We regularly work together to support UK clients wanting to access the Chinese market. He’s a great guy with a brilliant, local, team.