Deliver a vision that offers real competitive advantage

Thursday 1st June, 8.45am - 11am

Failing to adapt to changing consumer experience expectations can prove fatal. Just ask (if you could) BHS, Blockbuster or Kodak. Consumers now measure a brand against ‘best experience from any sector’ rather than ‘best competitor experience from your sector’.

So how can established organisations map out a future and successfully compete against agile start-ups? How can you create and deliver a vision that offers real competitive advantage? A vision that enables and inspires your teams to learn new skills and adopt new behaviours.

Over breakfast on Thursday 1st June, Dwain Thomas (Strategy and Innovation Director) and Alan Thorpe (Managing Director) will share lessons learned from transforming the customer experiences delivered by Ebay, ITV, Post Office and KPMG. We’ll share a process that you can follow to stay ahead (and survive) in an age when apparent success can rapidly turn to failure.

Arrive at our Bristol office at 8:45am for a 9:15am start, and you’ll leave nourished, inspired and enlightened by 11am. Along with breakfast, you’ll have the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with a select group of senior marketing colleagues from a range of leading businesses and brands. To confirm your place, just ping Alan an email (spaces are limited).

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Alan Thorpe