CMO Agenda

with Jenny Brown

This month Business Insider interviewed our client, Jenny Browne, Head of Marketing at Bath Spa University.

Jenny highlights in the article “The Higher Education marketplace as a whole is going through a period of rapid change”. 

A demographic dip, fees, and alternatives (such as Apprentice Degrees) mean that universities have to prove the value that they offer students while also engaging potential students on their terms. The results? Universities now, more than ever before, need to focus on understanding their audience better. Which is precisely what Bath Spa has been concentrating its efforts on.

The better you know your audience (their wants, needs, concerns and pressures), the more targeted, relevant and human the creative response will be and the better the overall customer experience. 

“The number of 18-year-olds going into HE has declined in recent years and won’t start to rise again until 2021.”

So there are now less students but the competition is still just as fierce. So how can you really make your university stand out in a sea of sameness? The expectations of what constitutes good marketing are changing. Generation Z are naturally sceptical about advertising. They want to be co-creators, rather than just passive consumers. Universities that marry brand purpose with a great customer experience can gain a competitive edge.

At Bray Leino CX, we’ve a long-standing interest in the success of Higher Education (HE) within the UK and International markets. We’ve re-branded UWE and, through our Shanghai and Singapore offices, delivered an international campaign platform. In the UK, we’ve delivered multiple campaign platforms for Bath Spa University and helped the New Model in Technology and Engineering (NMiTE), a brand new kind of HE experience, to recruit a world-first Design Cohort. 

Beyond partnering with HE providers, we consistently invest in understanding this evolving marketplace. Examples of our insights include our Paper on how to engage with the Gen-Z audience.

Whether you’re keen to understand if your marketing basics are still fit for purpose, or if you can gain advantage through experience improvements; or want to know how to engage youth audiences, we’d love to have a no-obligation chat with you