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After more than 40 years in business, Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks are still a top UK holiday destination. So, how do they do it?

Woolacombe Bay’s four parks attract around 42,000 families a year. They put their continued popularity down to the fact that they continue to invest in their holiday parks to provide a great experience – an experience which keep visitors coming back year-after-year. 

In the article Kevin talks about the ‘Life cycle”. “People keep coming back but once they get to that age where their kids have reached 18, you end up with a gap. The parents go and do that cruise they’ve always fancied but then kids start coming back to us when they have their own children.

We’ve worked with Woolacombe Bay since 2011 on a number of projects. Currently, our focus is on SEO. Using a research-led method, we’ve crafted data-driven personas to better understand audiences that reach the Woolacombe website and identify areas that are not being fully targeted. We’re working on optimising the holiday category pages to ensure that they match and are relevant to what users are searching for. We’re also currently focusing on the blog structure and content in order to make sure it lives up to its full potential.

In light of the ongoing will-we-won’t-we Brexit situation, it’s never seemed a better time for a Staycation and Woolacombe Bay are ensuring that their on and offline experience is aligned and they’re keeping their customers happy. “The customer gets their perception of you based on the reviews that other people have written on Tripadvisor and Google,” says Darvill. “As a marketeer, you have no control other than to be proactive in providing the right experience in the first place.” Wise words, Kevin. 

Whether you’re keen to understand if your marketing basics are still fit for purpose, or if you can gain advantage through experience improvements; or want to know how to identify and engage your audiences, we’d love to chat with you.