CMO Agenda

An interview with Caroline David

For this month’s CMO Agenda article, Business Insider interviewed our client, Caroline David, Head of Global Marketing at Brittany Ferries.

We’re proud to have been working with Brittany Ferries for over six years, across creative, digital marketing and UX. And it’s incredibly exciting to be playing our part in helping them on the next stage of their journey: redefining their approach to Customer Experience.

In the article Caroline shares how in 2018 Brittany Ferries embarked on their commercial transformation, with the aim of becoming more agile and pre-emptive. As Caroline says, “Organisations are not meant to be fixed; they are supposed to evolve…”.

I also presented alongside Caroline at the ABTA Travel Marketing Conference – looking at how CMOs can galvanise their organisations around understanding, innovating and delivering personalised Customer Experiences, and what this means for marketing team structures and resources.

Caroline shared how Brittany Ferries is moving away from working in silos to a global view of its market operations and has created a ‘Destination and Customer Experience Division’.

The future of Brittany Ferries’ marketing lies in highly personalised services, which rely on storytelling and experiences rather than simply product and price. Which is consistent not just with the travel industry but any sector that values putting the customer at the heart of their organisation.

We carried out a survey with the ABTA event attendees. 96% of people agreed that getting Customer Experience right is vital for business survival and growth. However, there is some ambiguity around whose responsibility it is and what other roles should form part of the team. Our experience is that board level sponsorship is required because great CX requires cross organisation cooperation.

The biggest barrier to CX success? Change is hard. While identifying possible CX innovations can be relatively easy, success is tied to having a clearly adopted brand purpose (‘why we exist’) and a method of ensuring shared internal commitment to constant questioning of ‘as is’ CX. Our experience is that visual illustrations of mapped customer experience journeys in public office spaces can be a boon to collaboration.

Whether you’re already on the CX journey, or just about to set sail, I’d love to hear how you’re finding it – and discuss with you how we at Bray Leino CX can help.