Targeting Gen Z

The selective pragmatists

In Part 1, I looked at who Gen Z are and the expectations that they have for brands. Now, I’ll explore how to get through to Gen Z in their fast-paced technological world.

Listen and Deliver
Take Glossier for example. A beauty brand with a cult following built entirely online into a multimillion-dollar business in just a few short years. They will regularly ask what beauty product their audience most want. A sunscreen was developed over two years from comments on their Instagram about what their customers most wanted when buying a sunscreen.

They listened. They delivered.

Listening is more important than ever when targeting Gen Z. We want to be a part of the product creation process. We’ll suggest improvements, we’ll Tweet our feedback, complete Instagram story polls, and then expect those adaptions.

Quality Over Quantity
In such a fast-paced technological world, it might seem surprising that Gen Z value quality over quantity. But we’re incredibly selective. We don’t want to be easily duped. Coming of age during a financial crisis has made us frugal. We’re not the stereotyped “avocado toast” Millennials, headed to university with big dreams and stars in their eyes only to be met with debt and little job prospects.

We’re the pragmatic and prudent Gen Z who have seen these prospects and mistakes and want to avoid them. Where we put our money is taken seriously. We read product reviews, we search TripAdvisor for the best restaurant on a road trip, we find alternatives to an overpriced jumper on various fashion sites. We seek out the best version of whatever product or service we’re looking to buy.

Get Through To Me
So how do you get through to Gen Z? Focus on meaningful interaction. Build relationships. Engage with them on various platforms. Give value to your product. What made Glossier so successful? Not just their aesthetic, not just a fantastic blog, not just the high-quality products. It was that they became friends with their customers, that they worked with them, and in return, their customers became loyal brand ambassadors.

So, don’t talk at me. Talk with me.

Don’t try to be “cool”, we can smell fake a mile away. Instead, be honest. How are you creating your product? Who works for you? What social good is your brand implementing?

At Bray Leino CX we often talk about how important it is that the more digital we become, the more human we have to be. Gen Z sees this. Gen Z has grown up experiencing this, and now they want that human connection from brands. Don’t just show me flashy ads and pretty pictures—show me that you care.