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Italian Auto Moto Festival hits Bristol

Every year the Italian AutoMoto Club stages the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival, a celebration of Italy’s finest cars and motorcycles. And every year I miss it.

In previous years I’ve been alerted to its passing by spotting exotic machinery leaving Bristol; it’s not every day you see a Ferrari F40 on the Cumberland Basin flyover or a Pagani Zonda stuck in traffic on Whiteladies Road. And at other times the local news programme Points West has told me that it had happened but failed to tell me the night before that it was about to happen.

This year Twitter came to the rescue and alerted Brian who promptly passed on the information to someone who might be interested. Indeed I was, and I dragged the family over to Corn Street with me on Saturday morning to get a taste of the BIAMF 2011.

With the clement weather motorbikes and scooters were out in full force. Ducati had taken over a whole street and the Bristol Mod Scooter Club were there in full regalia, looking more cockney Pearly Queen than Italian Chic. Thankfully other Lambrettas and Vespas had escaped the Pat Butcher treatment, and looked more as Innocenti and Piaggio had intended.

As you’d expect the supercars were well represented with many examples of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. There was no Zonda this year, which allowed the F40 to take a worthy centre stage outside All Bar One. It was here that the premature end of our show was heralded by the co-ordinated and very loud engine start that scared my 3yr old son witless and required a quick exit. The strange thing is his younger sister loved it, despite being scared witless herself earlier in the week by some silent cows in a field. Kids eh.