CMO Agenda

with Andy Norris

With increased competition from new market entrants, estate agents like Ocean are under more pressure than ever to clearly articulate their value proposition and offer a superior experience as a point of difference.

Ocean understands that speed, efficiency and convenience are key when it comes to improving their customer experience. They’re investing in digital and refurbishing their branches, ensuring that their on-and-offline experience is aligned. So, how can they improve further on their service, and provide additional value?

The point of difference for Ocean is local knowledge. They have been on the ground in Bristol for 35 years with a physical presence on many of the city’s local high streets.

In the article Andy says:  

“We’ll be demonstrating our industry specific expertise, our local knowledge and also celebrating our city. We’re not tourist information but we do, after 35 years, know our local areas and what makes them special, the parks, cafes and events. Let’s celebrate them and pass on the local knowledge.”

We redesigned and developed the Ocean website in 2015 and since that time, it’s continued to improve and evolve.

Content marketing, will provide creative communications to engage with Ocean’s audience, support the SEO strategy and help to drive real results. 

Our guide for all estate agents:  

  • Use digital to prove you’re the experts. Experts make things easy. Brilliantly effective websites work by delivering simple functionality over busy screens.
  • Use imagery that proves your local knowledge. Update it and your SEO driving content – regularly.
  • Map and understand the interaction of online and offline so that clients experience seamless experiences.
  • Don’t think websites are ‘once and done for three years’ They should evolve. Constantly.
  • Test digital content. Is it any of Funny? Useful? Beautiful? Inspirational? Or a combination? If not, it will be ignored.

You can read the full article here: Insider CMO Agenda - Andy Norris.

Whether you’re keen to understand if your marketing basics are still fit for purpose, or if you can gain advantage through experience improvements, we’d love to chat with you.  

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